Transportation and Logistics Solutions

Transportation and logistics industry face a slew of challenges from the changing needs of the commercial transport and logistic customers. These changing needs is fracturing the traditional supply chain, forcing the industry to go for a mix of offshore, nearshore and onshore locations, all in the need for reducing the delivery time from days to hours.

The changing needs of the transportation and logistics customers is also forcing the industry to look out for latest techniques of data processing and big data analysis.

Business Process Management (BPM), as a practice can help the Transportation and logistics industry by automating processes, increasing collaboration by stream-lining end-to-end operations and offer a single view of data, processes, systems.

Here are some few ways Acwiron’s BPM service help different aspects of the transportation and logistics industry.

Incident Management

  • Manage incident from a single view with all relevant information
  • Employ analytics to discern patterns to predict future incidents

Fleet Management

  • Optimize fleet management processes and operations
  • Ensure asset visibility across systems

Safety and Compliance

  • Monitor all business activities and incidents to increase safety
  • Address regulatory compliance challenges as a part of the automated process