Mobile Development

According to Gartner, mobile phone sales is expected to reach 2.1 billion by 2019, which would mean increased number of customers accessing services through their mobiles. This is expected to drive higher demand for high performance mobile app development since enterprises will be compelled to be responsive to customer’s expectation. It is expected to drive enterprises to optimize business processes, efficiency in resource utilization and reduce cycle times in process time.

Acwiron's Mobile Development and QA services are designed keeping in mind the above trends. Acwiron endeavors to work towards the convergence of enterprise applications and mobile with a clear objective of increasing responsiveness and improved decision making contributing to streamlining of business process.

Acwiron's developers have behind them solid number of hours working on varied Mobile platforms and devices and among them have developed numerous apps both proprietary and open source. They are in-tune with ever-changing/evolving technology and are conversant with standard industry guidelines and have developed many productivity tools for business.


  • Development and testing of mobile business, games and social networks applications
  • Extending /porting of web applications to mobile


  • Android iOS, Blackberry OS, Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.


  • Palmtop, PDA, MDA, Cell Phones, Pocket PCs and Smartphones

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