Insurance Solutions

The insurance industry having remained immune to most changes in the last century is in the last ten years witnessing a slew of innovative products and business models. As with most other industries, Insurance is facing the challenges of raising customer expectations, hustle of innovation and advent of newer and swift footed players. In addition, to be competitive insurance players must always be focused to improve performance while reducing cost.

Business Process Management (BPM) as an operations management practice helps insurance companies to automate routine processes like underwriting and claim submission. BPM also offers the capability to address regulatory compliance challenges as an automated process. BPM in short will be a holistic approach bringing process, people and technology on a single platform enabling the enterprises to face-off a host of challenges coming its way.

Acwiron with its BPM services assures the following benefits to Insurance companies.

  • Greater visibility of information across systems that reduce risk
  • Build unified platform to connect people, process and technology
  • Enhance performance and contribute to profits
  • Address regulatory compliance challenges as a part of the automated process
  • Build flexibility to encompass next big change in the industry
  • Actionable analytics to identify frauds
  • Stay connected with customers, everywhere and every time, through mobile
  • Standardize rules and processes to increase governance