Healthcare Solutions

It is imperative for the health industry to develop more complex governance models with more data sharing and performance measurement with some provisions of Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) enacted in 2015. As any lapse under the provisions of this act will not only attract stringent penalty but also lead to patient dissatisfaction and loss leading to slippage in revenue.

Acwiron‘s Business Process Management services deployed in Healthcare can mean a better process to help the flow of information and its interaction with systems and people. This allows companies to reduce glitches, respond to incidents quickly and orderly, be on top of industry trends and continuously improve service levels while increasing revenue and profits.

Here are some few ways Acwiron’s BPM services have helped different aspects of healthcare industry.

Case Management

  • Gain access to current and complete information from across systems.
  • Optimize business rules, processes and workflows

Process Management

  • Bring together case workers, payers and patients onto a single platform
  • Support change by rapidly adapting to evolving requirements

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

  • Address regulatory compliance challenges as a part of the automated process
  • Manage breach protocols, setup standard operating procedures

Records Management

  • Build patient centric record management
  • Ensure secure data is available to everyone, everywhere on any device